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Grand Opening on February 16th, 2002/ Firmeneinweihung / A cég felavatása

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   Sternberg FactoryGreat attention of the public and the Hungarian musical scene was drawn to the opening of a new production site within the JA Musik Group west of Budapest.
  For this Zoltan Juhaszpurpose, the JA Musik GmbH from Markneukirchen had founded a sister company to the well known Vogtländischen Musikinstrumentenfabrik GmbH Markneukirchen (B&S), the new Sternberg Hangszermanufaktura Kft.. It was in Markneukirchen where the future craftsmen of Sternberg Kft. were trained, before they started their own production of a variety of instruments, starting with trumpets, horns and euphoniums. All the production will be guided and directed by the mastercraftsman and director of the new company, Zoltan Juhász.

The production site is situation on a green field in the middle of the industrial park BITEP and the most modern degreasing facilities, galvanic facilities for silver-plating the instruments and a lacquering cabin of the newest sort were installed.

pictured: Zoltán Juhász
  With the start of this brasswind-instrument-production, at a small scale and with the best Hungarian craftsmen, JA Musik GmbH under Gerhard A. Meinl started new the old brasswind tradition of the country. Just until the second world-war, there were brass-wind craftsmen with their own production in Hungary. Hungary in general is well known for its Western-European craftsmen tradition in various aspects: just think of the handmade Hungarian jewellery, the ceramics or the leather-assesoires. This is why the JA Musik Group chose the name "Joseph Sternberg" for this new start: it is an old, traditional name for the small craftsmen tradition of the Hungarian pre-war history.
  Janos Varga, Gerhard MeinlThe grand opening of Sternberg Kft. took place on 16.2.2002, together with a blessing from the local catholic priest and a speech from the Mayor of Budaörs, Dr. Wittinghoff.
  Bürgermeister Dr. WittinghoffThe political and cultural authorities where so pleased about the opening of this new musical instrument factory, that Dr. Wittinghoff, mayor of the town Budaörs, granted Sternberg Hangszermanufaktura Kft. the permission to use the town seal in its original form for the brand of "Joseph Sternberg Budaörs" :
  For the musical framework for the opening ceremony, JA Musik GmbH was proud to receive the local music school's wind-orchestra as well as the famous Ewald Brass, who plays exclusively on B&S and Antoine Courtois Paris Instruments. Many people followed Gerhard A. Meinl's invitation to the opening ceremony: Not only customers from France, Germany, Norway, USA, Japan and of course Hungary attended the opening, but also a great number of musicians who have been working closely with the JA Musik group for many years: For example Prof. Laszlo Szabo (Tuba) or the young world stars Gabor Boldoczki (B&S-Trumpet)Gábor Boldócki (rechts) mit István Sztán lfj. and Roland Szentpali (Melton- und B&S-Tuba). Many of them are already long term appreciated friends of Gerhard A. Meinl.

Of course, many Hungarian Television Stations as well as the national press followed the event and one could feel a great sense of happiness about the fact, that there will be brass-instrument production in Hungary, again.

Something that will start as a 20 men production is intended to grow. At the beginning, part kits from the Vogtländischen Musikinstrumentenfabrik GmbH will be assembled to complete instruments and parallel to this, an own instrument line with the brand name Joseph Sternberg Budaörs will be established. For this, Sternberg Kft. can build on the R&D knowledge of so many world wide known musicians of the area.

From the year 2003 on, it is planned to start an apprentice program anew, in order to train brass-wind production craftmen at Sternberg Kft. directly. All this will be the foundation for a new start of an old tradition, the complete production of brass-wind instrument production.

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