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History of Sternberg Kft.:

In 2001, the rebirth of brasswind musical instrument manufacturing took place in Hungary, amidst one of the most musical nations of the world.

At this point in time, the European JA Musik Group, located in Markneukirchen, Saxony with roots in the old Royal Bohemia, but also manufacturing in La Couture-Boussey, Paris and Bavaria, founded just west outside of Budapest

Sternberg Hangszermanufactúra Kft..

This new company revitalized an old Hungarian brandname for musical instruments through the work of today's best Hungarian craftsmen, educated in the old world apprentice program and its work ethics.

This was longed for and is now inspired by the brilliant musical world of Hungary with its teachers of the world leading Ferenc Liszt Academy Conservatory and emerging artists such as Gabor Boldoczki (Trumpet) and Roland Szentpali (Tuba, composer) or the recent all time price winning Ewald Brass Quintet.

In its founder Gerhard A. Meinl, President of the JA Musik GmbH, and his partners Vice President Baron von Wolff and master craftsman Zoltán Juhász, the glorious days for music in the imperial and royal Austro-Hungarian Monarchy came back as the new start of an old tradition in Hungary; at the same time incooperating the traditions of Bohemia, with the Meinl family company of 1810 in Graslitz and the Vogtland's Musicon Valley of Markneukirchen - Klingenthal, where JA Musik restructured B&S, Hoyer and Scherzer after the wall came down.

In the old Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, for example, every regiment had been proud of its wind band, and their regular public concerts have been an outstanding social event. In fact, the enthusiasm for brass music at that time had been so strong, that a conservatory for military wind music had been opened to train future military musicians. This unique situation improved the skills of the musicians, laying the foundation for the outstanding tradition of brass instrument making in the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.
Now again the combination of traditional craftsmanship and highly invested modern manufacturing technologies guarantees - with the input of world famous musicians - perfectly designed instruments that radiate the highest standards of quality brass-instrument making.